Organic Certification


Certified organic and audited to Australia’s strictest and most comprehensive organic standard (T.O.P. Inc, Tasmania’s own AQIS accredited certification organisation), you can be assured that Elgaar Farm produce is produced in the most environmentally and socially conscientious way.

Tasmanian Organic Dynamic Producers Website


Care for our cows
Every one of our valued cows given a name and this is very much a reflection of the way we care for them. Our herd grazes in rich pastures surrounded by trees, providing both shade from the sun and shelter from the weather. They are treated with respect and dignity, and any illness is treated with natural remedies and no antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial inputs are administered.

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Why organic?

Organic foods are known and appreciated for their superior taste and quality, but there are many additional reasons to "go organic."

For individuals and families seeking high nutritional value and reduced risk of exposure to the toxins associated with factory farming practices, organic offers peace of mind.

A commitment to choosing local and regionally produced foods is a core value of the organic movement. In addition to fresher foods and reduced fossil fuel consumption, the profit from the sale of locally produced foods is more likely to find its way back into the community. Consumers and family farmers working together to support such local systems form a sustainable partnership.

Organic farming methods are helping to heal our earth by returning vitality and nutrients to the soil and keeping air and water safe from pollution caused by toxic pesticides and herbicides. Eating organic food is a great way to protect the environment.

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